About The Manager

The Manager, Japan Residential Assets Manager Limited (“JRAM(S)”) was incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act on 5 July 2007.

Since 1999, the JRAM(S) management team has established itself as one of the largest operators in the Japanese regional residential property markets. Through its operations, the JRAM(S) management team has developed extensive experience and expertise in managing investments in Japanese residential properties. It has also established a strong track record and network for investing in Japanese real estate.

JRAM(S) management team has unique experience and expertise in the highly fragmented real estate market in Japan. Below are the strengths of our management team:

  • Established strategic lending relationships with leading financial institutions.
  • Highly localised and scalable acquisition platform and acquisition methodology.
  • Highly localised and scalable property management system for residential assets.
  • Commitment to Saizen REIT and alignment of interest with Unitholders.

 Management Reporting Structure of Saizen REIT Manager 

Management Reporting Structure of Saizen REIT Manager